Course Highlights

  • Overview
  • Controlling data access through Entities
  • Dashboard Settings
  • Login & Password Management
  • Overview of Data Access Tools
  • Production Cutover process

About this Course

The Administrative Course equips participants with vital skills and knowledge for adeptly managing and configuring the Solix CDP environment. Participants gain hands-on experience in tasks such as setting up data connections, configuring extraction parameters, and ensuring data integrity. Additionally, they learn to establish target databases, define storage locations, and manage user access. The course covers configuring storage repositories, creating knowledge bases for data organization, and setting up metadata repositories.

  • Overview
    • Overview & architecture of Solix Common Data Platform (CDP)
    • Overview of use cases (AR, AA, DG, DM etc.)
    • Role based access
    • Define user profiles
    • Define users, roles, and privileges
    • Define Source and target (for Structured and Unstructured Data)
    • Knowledge base creation
    • Assign KB and profile to users
    • Overview of KB population, Data Migration and Validation
  • Controlling data access through Entities
    • Create entities
    • Assign objects to entities
    • Assign entity to users
  • Dashboard settings
  • Login & password management
  • Overview of Data Access tools
    • Search
    • Reports
    • Forms
    • SQL Editor
    • EBRs
  • Service reports & metadata audit reports
  • Email configuration setup
  • SSL setup
  • LDAP/AD setup and onboarding users
  • Overview of SSO setup
  • Hadoop config setup in Solix CDP
  • SDLC
  • Solix CDP instances, environments (Dev, Test, and Prod)
  • Production cutover process
    • KB export & import
    • Data/Files copy
  • Overview of Data Governance (Data Retention & Legal Holds)
  • Release management


  • Flexible dates
  • 100% Remote
  • Approx. 32 hours to complete
  • Course content in English

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