Course Highlights

  • Solix CDP Overview
  • Solix Data Access Tools
  • Archive Forms
  • Solix SOLR Text Search
  • EBRs from Target
  • SQL Editor

About this Course

The Data Access service training within the Solix Common Data Platform (CDP) equips participants with advanced skills in utilizing a comprehensive reporting tool. This tool enables seamless access to target data objects and empowers users to generate customized reports and forms with querying capabilities while maintaining data integrity for compliance purposes. Participants gain proficiency in constructing queries at both table and object levels, tailoring reports to specific requirements. Additionally, the training introduces the concept of compound objects, facilitating the creation of reports and forms that access migrated data on the target platform through heterogeneous data objects like views, tables, EBR configurations, table metadata views, and materialized views.

  • Solix CDP Overview
  • Solix Data Access Tools
    • Archive Reports
      • Creating Archive Reports
      • Building Archive Reports with dynamic criteria
      • Various Formatting options
      • Downloading Reports
    • Archive Forms
      • Build form with Single Table
      • Build form with Multiple Tables
    • Solix SOLR Text Search
      • Implementation
      • Wildcard Search
      • Complex Query
      • Advanced Search
      • Data Indexing
    • EBRs from Target
      • Create EBR from Target data
      • EBR with Column Aliases
      • Create Reports on EBRs
      • EBR with various options
    • SQL Editor
      • Write SQL queries on target data
      • Save and Assign SQL Queries
  • Accessing File attachments through File policy creation and assignment
  • File Archiving Report
  • File Explorer
  • View Builder & Materialized Views
  • Service Reports
  • Meta Data Audit Reports


  • Flexible dates
  • 100% Remote
  • Approx. 32 hours to complete
  • Course content in English

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